Break through the noise and make each dollar for ads work harder with tools and solutions created to power ad campaigns and boost profit.

Your goal. Our custom advertising solutions

Designed For Your Business

Reach your customers in new ways with DSP that understand your target audience and seamlessly identifies the ideal media mix to reach them effectively.

Outperforming In Real-Time

A fully self-improving system automatically learns which ad strategies perform best for each customer and choose the most efficient for optimal results.

Best Programmatic Experts

With 10+ years of digital ads experience, we’re an extension of your marketing team to run high-performing campaigns that will increase your revenue.


AI Powered Technologies

Machine learning algorithms allow NT DSP to analyze data in real-time and determine the ideal users to meet brands' goals and distribute budget cost-efficiently.

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Omnichannel Performance

Connect with your target audience anywhere by advertising through all digital channels and enhance ad campaigns with optimization.

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Custom Creative Solutions

Get more valuable interactions with better creative. We use data to build ads irresistibly personalized, optimized and adjusted to impactful and effective campaigns.

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Audience Data

We combine exclusive first-party data and best-in-class third-party data, that allow brands to go beyond demographic targeting and reach users that matters most for business.

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Fraud Shield & Brand Safety

Your brand is in a reliable hands. We keep safe ads and completely prevent fraud activities by using our own technologies, 3rd party verification, no limited black list and more.

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Full-funnel Strategy

Solve different challenges through ads across the entire funnel through awareness, engagement, and conversion goals with tools that give you agility and tailor you to success.

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